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M.E. Programs available to Prison Chaplains:

  1. Animated_RoseMarriage Encounter:
    National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry carries Fr. Calvo’s vision of marriage to those couples suffering from incarceration. The same M.E. program as on the outside has been presented behind prison walls with outstanding success since 1981, to couples where one or both spouses are incarcerated. The basic rhythm of team PRESENTATION, PERSONAL REFLECTION, and COUPLE DIALOGUE remains the same.HOW DOES M.E. WORK BEHIND THE WALLS? For two days, couples meet in the chapel or large room inside the prison with other married couples under the direction of their team leaders to experience communication on a deeply personal level.Couples work privately, learning to appreciate themselves as individuals, to accept each other in a way that rekindles their love relationship, to examine their relationship with God, and to set goals for the future. Couples usually eat meals together. However, non-residents leave at night.
  2. Sampling Of Marriage Encounter (SOME):
    This is an abbreviated verson of the Marriage Encouter that provides the high spots and gives the couples “Tools” to useTime_To_Communicate_NB in improving their relationship. SOME takes its essence from the original Marriage Encounter program but is designed to meet the time constraints of the chaplain.
  3. Oasis:
    This is our only program for INMATES ONLY, married or single. OASIS provides a time to learn better communication skills, including (Love) letter writing, a time to look inward, and a time of prayer. In just 5 hours the program helps inmates evaluate themselves, find the causes of some of their thoughts and actions, then shows them how to communicate in a non-threatening and Loving way. They then look at their spiritual lives and end with prayer and prayer requests.

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