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Don’t give up. We can help you and your incarcerated spouse. Incarceration is Hard on Marriage. All married couples and their spouses know that. If you are one of these couples – we can help you just as we helped this couple and countless others.


Marriage Encounter Slogans

Listen as if your love depended on it
I’m good, God does not make junk
Love is a Decision
It takes rain to make a rainbow
Love is a helluva lot of work
We pardon in the degree that we love
God’s graces = God’s help
Love isn’t love til you give it away
We can only appreciate the sunrise if we have walked in darkness
All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today
Our relationship is a miracle that never happened before
Each of us is the only person who can give each other what we need
Never take your joy for granted
To love is to call to life
It’s time to close the door on the past
Today is the first day of the rest of your life
Things go better with love
If God seems distant who moved
With God all things are possible
Together we can make a difference
Each day God touches us, do we notice?
They who love bring God and the world together
Happiness is not always measured in smiles

Marriage Encounter

Since 1981 our volunteers have presented our Marriage Encounter Program in State and Federal prisons more than 220 times. They have helped countless couples in the same situation as you find yourself in today. From these experiences we have produced a fantastic Guide Book called T.I.M.E. By Mail (The Inmates Marriage Encounter By Mail). This book will help you and your spouse feel like a united couple ready to plan for the future.

How can that be? Because this world-famous experience is a program that you give to each other. Read on.

Incarceration is Hard on a Marriage

Any married inmate or their spouse can tell you that.   If you are one of these couples, and you’re serious about staying together and strengthening your marriage, National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry can help. It is our hope to provide meaningful support while you are suffering the stress of incarceration.


  1. THIS WEB SITE:   www.prisonmarriageministry.org offers short segments of the Marriage Encounter program, plus support materials which enable couples to discover God’s vision of marriage, thereby leading them to a clearer understanding of their relationship with each other and with God.   For more information:   Help Pages ,  Marriage Encounter ,  Help Each Other  and  Going Home
  2. BOOK OFFER:   T.I.M.E. By Mail   (The Inmates Marriage Encounter by Mail).   The complete Marriage Encounter experience is in book form with presentations that were given by inmates and their spouses at a Marriage Encounter program in their institution.   For more about the book and ordering information:  Book Offer
  3. MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER PROGRAMS FOR INCARERATED MEN AND WOMEN:   Marriage Encounter and Tasting ME Chaplain's Pack Both the Marriage Encounter and Sampling Of Marriage Encounter (SOME) Programs for Married Inmates and their Spouses is NOW available on DVD from National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry.  Three DVD programs are available:                             Marriage Encounter (2-day program),                 Sampling Of Marriage Encounter (one-day program),                              OASIS (for inmates only, with price reduced until the July of 2021 to $89.99)                                                                                              We encourage you to bring awareness of our programs to the attention of a prison chaplain. If you’re financially able, talk to the chaplain and offer to purchase the Marriage Encounter and/or Oasis DVD programs. This is a gift that keeps giving over and over to strengthen the marriages and personal lives of inmates.   For more information:   Programs for Chaplains
  4. MARRIAGE MANSION PROGRAM FOR CORRECTIONAL STAFF: The program we presented for staff was the same as the program used for all National Marriage Encounters on the outside, with the addition of material that addressed the problem of the stress that is often created as a result of working in a correctional institution. For the Marriage Encounter for Staff, we use all of the presentations on the 2 DVDs, and, we use the name Marriage Mansion instead of Marriage Encounter to distinguish it from the inmate’s program. Then if inmates see the posters, they are very different.  You can make this DVD program available to your staff.  We provide very detailed instructions, which enable you to provide the program yourself over-and-over.  Or, if you prefer, we will do our best to provide an experienced team couple for a fee to lead the program, depending on your location.
    If you’re interested, call Denny Bosse at 513-939-9707, or email Jane Katenkamp at jane.jack7@outlook.com

About NMEPM:

Several married couples in Cincinnati, OH, and a chaplain from Lebanon Ohio prison, who experienced the benefits of the popular Marriage Encounter program on the outside, responded to the appeal of a chaplain at a federal prison in Lexington, KY to help married inmates who wanted desperately to save their marriages.   As a result, in 1981, the first Marriage Encounter was presented in a prison and National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry, Inc. was formed as a non-profit, non-denominational organization.   Since then, our all volunteer group has presented several hundred Marriage Encounter programs in over 50 state and federal prisons throughout the U.S.  We are happy to now offer our complete programs on DVD.

Real Support. Real People.

What is Marriage Encounter?

Marriage Encounter is an enrichment program for husbands and wives.  Experienced by well over a million couples worldwide, this popular marriage enrichment program has been adapted to the prison setting.   Now you and your spouse can experience many of its life changing benefits via this web site.

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