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T.I.M.E. By Mail – a great book at a great price!

The full Marriage Encounter program is available to inmates and their spouses in book form. This do-it-
yourself format helps husbands and wives who are separated by incarceration to deal with improving Time by Mailcommunication, understanding themselves and each other, forgiving, growing in trust, praying together, and planning for the future. If you follow the guidance the book gives you, and make its suggestions part of your lives, you will grow closer together.

Order the newly revised and enlarged edition of T.I.M.E. By Mail now. We have added 25 pages of new material to this edition, plus help for engaged couples.

For Engaged Couples:

At the end of each presentation and after the questions for married couples, questions are given for engaged couples.

Frequently Asked Questions


In order to get the special price of $20.00 for 2 copies, have the outside spouse send a check or money order made out to NMEPM, Inc. and mail to:

NMEPM, Inc., P.O. BOX 53583, Cincinnati, OH 45253

Be sure to include names for husband and wife plus full mailing addresses. Don’t forget the inmates ID# and name of institution. If both spouses are incarcerated, either spouse may place the order.

Or purchase through Paypal! Please know if you do purchase through Paypal will you need to send a separate email with the second mailing

Probably the best self-help book on marriage ever written!