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Book Offer Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I order the book T.I.M.E. by mail online? Yes, simply use your PayPal account. The book can also be ordered by mail and paid by check or money order. It cannot be ordered online or by phone. Return to BOOK ORDER for information on ordering books.
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  2. My nephew (friend, etc.) is incarcerated and the stress is very hard on his marriage.  Can I order the books for them?Yes, you definitely can. That is a wonderful gift to give them the tools to strengthen their marriage at this difficult time. Simply follow the instructions for ordering books on the previous page.
  3. Are the talks I read on the website (Marriage Encounter link) the same as the talks given in the book, T.I.M.E. By Mail? The topics are the same but the talks are completely different. The special part of Marriage Encounter talks is the deep sharing of the couple’s personal xperiences and feelings.  All of the talks on the website are given by different couples from those given in the book.  Therefore, even when the topics are the same, the talks are very different.
  4. Does the website cover the same topics as the T.I.M.E. By Mail book? The book covers all of the topics which make up the 12 steps of the Marriage Encounter program.  The website gives about 6 talks, covering about half of the steps.
  5. Are the questions on the website the same as in the book?Yes, but since the book covers more topics, it also has more questions.
  6. I notice that the talks were written by inmates and their outside spouse.  How did you get couples to write these talks?All the talks in the book and on the website were prepared by couples who gave them at a Marriage Encounter program in prison.  First these couples participated in a M.E. program inside the institution where one spouse was incarcerated.  The other spouse entered the institution with the Team Couples each day and went out at night.  After experiencing the entire program, these couples generously offered to prepare talks to give at the next M.E. at the same institution.  They spent a lot of time writing, mailing their talks to each other and having them checked (by mail) by a Team Couple from NMEPM.  They did all this because they wanted to help others.  We have changed their names to protect their identity.
  7. My husband and I are getting a lot out of the T.I.M.E. By Mail book.  We hate to see it end.  Do you have a next step?We’re glad that you and your husband are getting a lot out of our book.  That tells us that you are both putting effort into it. We’re happy that you’re doing that.
    1. At the end of the Marriage Encounter program, on page 43, a couple explains how they started to Dialogue by Mail after their M.E.   The questions they used are on pages 44. Page 45 has questions for engaged couples.
    2. You will find different presentations in this web site under Marriage Encounter–Four Phases. Here you will find more talks by inmates and their spouses.
    3. Website: Go to This website offers the complete Marriage Encounter program with presentations by couples who are not experiencing incarceration. Use this for another experience of Marriage Encounter.

We hope these suggestions are helpful to you.  We have never experienced prison life, but the principles we learned from Marriage Encounter continue to help us year after year as our lives change. We wish the same for you and your spouse.