How to Pray

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Prayer “happens” when we open our senses, minds, wills, and hearts to the many ways God speaks to us. God communicates with us in all these ways, and more. PRAYER 1. We may think that we don’t know how to pray properly. But there is no one proper way to pray. 2. Prayer is [...]

Can You Help Me?

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How can you tell that God loves you? Needing reassurance Many of you have questions that can be answered best by someone who is also experiencing the incarceration of a loved one and the separation imposed upon you.  Above is a question someone has written in.  Help this person by giving your answer and then. [...]


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A TIME-SAVING SOLUTION FROM JANE I am sharing this idea because I know that most of you who visit this website are very, very busy people. “Christmas Stockings” Many of you have children.  And many of you appreciate traditions like putting out stockings for Santa Claus and St. Nick. Read more . . [...]


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DIALOGUE BY MAIL Rules for Dialogue by the Founder of Marriage Encounter We can all improve our marriage, because no one is perfect. All problems can be solved if we want them to and are willing to work at it. Everything has a remedy. The real solution to mutual problems is always found in [...]