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Going Home

Going home is a happy yet traumatic experience for couples whose lives have been altered by incarceration. Many couples have expressed their fears over what it will be like when they are reunited on the outside. Probably everyone’s experience is different but it helps to hear what the experience was like for some couples, and how they adjusted.

Testimonial Letters

Two couples who experienced Marriage Encounter together while the husband was incarcerated, share with you their story. The letters were written several months after going home, after many adjustments were made, but the memory of what it was like was still very real to them. In the case of Carol and Jack, they also served as a team couple during the remainder of his sentence.


A Letter to a Married Inmate about to be Released

An inmate wrote asking for advice regarding this difficult adjustment.   He did not have the opportunity to make a Marriage Encounter in prison with his wife, but they did read our book T.I.M.E. By Mail, and used the method of “Dialogue By Mail” to get the full benefit of the exercises in the book.   In response, our team couple reviewed for them many of the principles covered in a Marriage Encounter. Letter to a Married Inmate about to be Released.

Renewing of Marriage Vows

After you are reunited as a couple at home, you may want to renew your marriage vows. Here you’ll find several examples to choose from, or use them to assist you in writing your own.   Renewing of Marriage Vows

Share Your Ideas

Submit examples of adjustments you and your spouse had to make upon the   home coming of one or both of you.   Contact