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Physical signs of affection, such as holding hands. Words of affirmation, praise, and encouragement. Letters, cards and gifts. Acts of service, doing favors. Quality time to talk with openness and honesty. Recreational companionship; doing things together.


Our marriage relationship is made up of our similarities as well as our differences. “Marriage Bonders” are the glue that hold our relationships together, strengthens, and enriches it, and allow us to grow closer as a couple. Different bonders work better for different people, just as different bonders (glues) work better for different materials when they are broken. For examples, wood uses a different bonder than glass. We need to discover which of the bonders work best to bond our spouse to us, and which work best to bond us to our spouse. Then we each feel the strength of being loved by the other. Below is a list of BONDERS. Check the three that you like (that make you feel loved). Think about what three make your spouse feel loved. Discuss this together. Complete or adjust the lists, then put them into practice. Check back regularly with your spouse, and adjust the bonders you need to use.


The “super glue” of all bonders is God. God spiritually bonds us to Him and to each other when we pray together and for each other. He forms a three-ply cord with us which nothing can divide. Making room for God in our relationship gives us the divine help that keeps us bonded and on course.

What I like

What my spouse likes;

My spouse