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Don’t Let Prison Walls Destroy A Marriage:

Thousands of couples who are separated by incarceration have enjoyed the services of National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry programs through the dedication of more than 50 team couples and clergy going into correctional institutions all over the country.  NOW the same Marriage Encounter programs are available to chaplains as complete DVD program packs to help married and even single inmates enrich their lives and that of their families.

Over the years the services of NMEPM expanded from just the 2-day Marriage Encounter program to include a 1-day Marriage Encounter (SOME), Oasis for just inmates (married and single) and a Marriage Encounter for staff.  All programs for inmates have handouts in Spanish as well as English.

NMEPM also responded to the need to help married couples by publishing the book, The Inmates Marriage Encounter (TIME) By Mail, by launching this website, and by offering many other resources by mail.  The newly revised and enlarged edition of T.I.M.E. By Mail has 25 pages of new material, and is now for engaged couples also.

As you know, keeping up the morale of your inmates is very important but not always easy.
We offer some simple ideas to help you.

Here’s an example: Invite your residents to stay for a few minutes after Services.  Then ask a question like: “How co you make Easter “special”? Then let the inmates answer, sharing ideas with each other.






Mission Statement:

National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt, non-denominational, charitable organization that is run completely by volunteers who donate their time and talents.  NMEPM strives to improve the relationships of married inmates and their spouses, and thereby benefit them, their families, and society as a whole.

DVD Programs available to Prison Chaplains:

  1. Animated_RoseMarriage Encounter:
    The same Marriage Encounter (ME) program that saved the marriages of countless couples presented by the ME teams is now available to chaplains because of our DVD pack. The basic rhythm: PRESENTATION (now on DVD), PERSONAL REFLECTION, and COUPLE DIALOGUE remains the same.
    HOW DOES M.E. WORK BEHIND THE WALLS? For two days, couples meet in the chapel or large room inside the prison with other married couples under the guidance of the chaplain or the chaplain’s assignee, to experience communication on a deeply personal level. Couples work privately, learning to appreciate themselves as individuals, to accept each other in a way that rekindles their love relationship, to examine their relationship with God, and to set goals for the future. Couples eat meals together. However, non-residents leave at night.
  2. Sampling Of Marriage Encounter:
    This is an abbreviated version of the Marriage Encounter that provides the high spots and gives the couples “tools” to use in improving their relationship using key DVD presentations. Sampling Of Marriage Encounter (SOME) is designed to meet the time constraints of the chaplain.  Everything needed for the Sampling Of ME program is included with the ME DVD program.
  3. Oasis:
    This program is for INMATES ONLY, married or single. OASIS provides a time to learn better communication skills, including (love) letter writing, a time to look inward, and a time of prayer. In just 4-5 hours the program helps inmates evaluate themselves, find the causes of some of their thoughts and actions, then shows them how to communicate in a non-threatening and loving way. They then look at their spiritual lives, set goals for the future, and end with prayer and prayer requests.
  4. Marriage Mansion program for Correctional Staff
    The program we presented for staff was the same as the program used for all National Marriage Encounters on the outside, with the addition of material that addressed the problem of the stress that is often created as a result of working in a correctional institution. For the Marriage Encounter for staff, we use all of the presentations on the 2 DVDs, and, we use the name Marriage Mansion instead of Marriage Encounter to distinguish it from the inmate’s program. Then if inmates see the posters, they are very different.You can make this DVD program available to your staff.  We provide very detailed instructions, which enable you to provide the program yourself over-and-over.  Or, if you prefer, we will do our best to provide an experienced team couple for a fee to lead the program, depending on your location.  If you’re interested, call Denny Bosse at 513-939-9707, or email Jane Katenkamp at


Order our products to begin today!

Marriage Encounter and Tasting ME Chaplain's Pack

Marriage Encounter and Sampling of ME Chaplain’s Pack

Oasis Chaplain's Pack

Oasis Program for Inmates

Marriage Mansion program for Correctional Staff


ME programs reduce recidivism.  To help with this great need, we have lowered our prices so more chaplains, in turn, will help their residents.   November, 2020, we are lowering the price an additional 40 % during the Coronavirus Pandemic so the OASIS Program will be made available to inmates alone while visiting is restricted.  This reduced price is available until the end of July 2021.                                                                  NMEPM Board of Directors

___ Marriage Encounter and Sampling of ME Pack  $478. $350.  

___ OASIS Complete Pack $277.  $150.  $89.99

___ Both Packs $687.   $375.

Postage and handling is included for all orders within the USA.

Send a check or money order made out to NMEPM, Inc. and mail to: NMEPM, Inc., P.O. BOX 53583, Cincinnati, OH 45253 or Pay online

___ Marriage Mansion program for Correctional Staff   $275.

Postage and handling is included for all orders within the USA.

Send a check or money order made out to NMEPM, Inc. and mail to: NMEPM, Inc., P.O. BOX 53583, Cincinnati, OH 45253 or Pay online

For more information about NMEPM Program in Prison – Call Denny Bosse at 513-939-9707

If you are a chaplain or other prison staff, and wish to be contacted by the Coordinating Couple of NMEPM, click here .


Based on evaluations, chaplain’s comments, appreciation letters from outside spouses, referrals from one chaplain to another, etc, our programs were an immense help for inmates and their spouses and families. Following are some comments:

Chaplain Tom Scott, Lexington, KY said to the team, “I’m glad to see you. Christmas is the hardest time for the inmates. No matter what we do, they can’t pull out of their depression. But notice how happy these inmates are? That’s because they’re with their loved ones. Visits and phone calls help, but Marriage Encounter does much more.”

Chaplain David Norton, FCI Jesup (GA) says, “Not only did the participating couples benefit from the Marriage Encounter program, but the other inmates were able to take some personal measure of hope and encouragement after learning about the program from the participates. I have witnessed a renewed interest by other inmates in their own families and home-lives after the good works of the Marriage Encounter spread throughout the institution.

“Under the direction of Jack and Jane Katenkamp the couples were able to communicate on a deeply personal level in an environment not available on an ordinary basis. Each couple could appreciate themselves as individuals and to reaffirm their mutual feelings of love. Together they reviewed their plans with a view towards the future. All in all, the Marriage Encounter was a ray of sunshine and hope to the incarcerated inmates and their spouses.”

Chaplain John Noe, Ashland, KY, believes that Marriage Encounter is the most effective program that he has experienced in prison. “It binds and cements marriages which, otherwise, usually end in divorce,” he says. “It gives the couple separated by incarceration the assurance that their love will survive and the hope of a brighter future. Even the morale at the prison improves,” he concludes. “Men who thought the outside world had given up on them now look forward to going home and staying home.”

The wife of an inmate wrote: “I fell in love with my husband all over again this weekend.”

An inmate wrote: “I came to a new appreciation of the problems my dear wife faces while I’m incarcerated.”

Another inmate: “We have found God and direction to a better marriage and a better life.”

Institutions that have used NMEPM programs:

  1. Lexington, KY FCI
  2. Ashland, KY FCI
  3. Otisville, NY MCC
  4. Atlanta, GA Pen.
  5. Miami, FL FCI
  6. Tallahassee, FL FCI
  7. Alderson, WV FPC
  8. Pensacola, FL FPC
  9. Ashland, KY FPC
  10. Atlanta, GA FPC
  11. Jesup, GA FCI
  12. Grafton, OH OCI
  13. Mariana, FL FCI
  14. Eglin, FL FPC
  15. Marion, IL FPC
  16. Bismarck, ND Pen.
  17. Butner, NC FCI
  18. Jesup, GA FPC
  19. Tyndall, FL FPC
  20. Three Rivers, TX FCI
  21. Lompoc, CA Pen.
  22. Halawa, HI CI
  23. Carville, LA FMC
  24. El Paso, TX FPC
  25. Englewood, CO FCI
  26. Worth, TX FMC
  27. Seagoville, TX FCI
  28. Yankton, SD FPC
  29. Lorain, OH OCI
  30. Bryan, TX FPC
  31. State Prison
  32. Allenwood, PA LSCI
  33. Carswell, TX FME
  34. El Reno, OK FPC
  35. Allenwood, PA FCI
  36. Schuylkill, PA FCI
  37. Rochester, MN FMC
  38. Big Springs, TX FCI
  39. El Reno, OK FCI
  40. Schylkill, PA FPC
  41. James River, ND CC
  42. La Tuna, TX FPC
  43. Big Springs, TX FPC
  44. Airway Heights, WA MCI
  45. Airway Heights, WA LCI
  46. Tacoma, WA MCI
  47. Tacoma, WA LCI
  48. Tacoma, WA Pre-Release
  49. Beckley, WV FPC
  50. Beckley, WV FCI
  51. Coleman, FL LFCI
  52. Coleman, FL FPC
  53. Coleman, FL MED
  54. Coleman, FL Pen.
  55. Franklin, OH Pre-Release