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Renewing of Marriage Vows

During a Marriage Encounter program in prison, participants renew their marriage vows during the Closing Celebration. It was common for one or more couples to ask for a copy of the vows, so they could renew their vows at church after the incarcerated spouse returned home. Following are several forms of Renewal of Marriage Vows for your consideration. Use them or take ideas to write your own vows.

  1. RENEWAL OF MARRIAGE VOWS used by NMEPM at the Marriage Encounter Closing Celebration.

    Begin with a song, prayer, and scripture, and end with music. (Our favorite scripture choice is I Corinthians 13.)


    Our Father in Heaven, we who have renewed our faith in each other thank you for the opportunity to renew our faith in you and the fellowship of your people

    We earnestly pray that the glow of your great love, that has filled our hearts, will shine out into the world so that others will know you have given us a new direction and a new meaning to our lives.

    Now before you, Father, and before this community, we face each other and join hands to reaffirm our commitment to each other.

    Leader: Do you, as husband and wife, come before this caring community at this time, to reaffirm your marriage commitment?

    Couple: With God’s help we do.

    Leader: Do you therefore recommit yourselves to sharing your feelings, to listening with love, and to comforting and caring?

    Couple: With God’s help we do.

    Leader: Do you promise to live in a spirit of mutual respect, with a love that honors the unique contribution that each of you brings to your union?

    Couple: With God’s help we do.

    Leader: And do you recommit yourselves to this life of listening, and tenderness, and caring, and respect till death do you part?

    Couple: With God’s help we do.

    May God bless you and keep you faithful to this sacred recommitment pledge for all the days of your lives.

    (Suggest that husbands kiss their brides.)


    I promise you my love for today and tomorrow;

    I promise you as much happiness as I can give:

    I promise not to doubt or mistrust you,

    But to grow and add to you life of content . . .

    I promise never to try to change you,

    But will accept the changes you make in yourself;

    And I will accept your love for me

    Without fear of tomorrow, knowing that tomorrow

    I’ll love you more than I do today.


    Keep us, O Lord, from pettiness.

    Let us be thoughtful in word and deed.

    Help us to put away pretense, and face each other in deep trust without fear or self pity.

    Help us to guard against fault-finding, and be quick to discover the best in each other and in every situation.

    Guard us from ill temper and hasty judgment;

    Encourage us to take time for all things, to grow calm, serene, and gentle.

    Help us to be generous with kind words and compliments.

    Teach us never to ignore, never to hurt, never to take each other for granted.

    Engrave charity and compassion in our hearts.