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The Easter season


At Christmas we say, “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

Well, what’s “the reason for the Easter season”?

In the Easter season we go to the heart of what God has done for us. Jesus went through death to the other side, opening the way for us, and has already begun pouring his Spirit upon us.

We are on a track toward a transformed human life that will go on after death, forever. Now that’s worth a grand celebration – a 50-day celebration.

We care about things this side of death – sickness, poverty, hunger – and we need to do everything we can to help make this world a better place here and now. It’s part of preparing creation for what is to come.

But our time on earth is only a flicker of existence. Even if no one helps us, even if we’re flat on our back in misery, even if we’re locked away in prison, we can celebrate Easter. We exist! We have a destiny that is wondrous, and it is forever.

Imagine that. Let bad luck do its worst to me. I can handle it. This life is only the blink of an eye. I exist, and because I exist I am destined to be transformed and exist forever as a glorious human being. It’s not one belief among others. It’s everything.

So, to you, what is “the reason for the Easter season”?